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Last coal pile burns at Navajo Generating Station as plant prepares to go offline

The closure of the power plant was in part because of the low cost of natural gas compared to coal.

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Navajo Generating Station set to decommission in four phases within next five years

According to Joe Frazier, plant manager at Navajo Generating Station (NGS), once decommission is complete, 90 percent of NGS will be recycled or reused, including its concrete.

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Western Jr. Rodeo Association wraps up 2019 season

For the last five months competitors between the ages of 55555 have followed the WJRA circuit with the hopes of winning buckles, saddles and titles.

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Western Navajo Nation Fair, Tuuvi Gathering kick off Oct. 10 and 12

Food, fun, rodeo, carnival, pageant, parade and more

Dancers and vendors from across the Navajo and Hopi nations will come together to celebrated both events and enjoy rides, food and visiting with family and friends.

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Navajo-Hopi Observer editor wins Associated Press, NAU journalism award

Katherine Locke has had a busy six years.

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Tuba City roper Shilah Williams shares journey to Jr. National Finals Rodeo

Shilah Williams’ dark hair swirled around her shoulders and her chocolate brown eyes smiled shyly as she introduced her horse, Sissy, who carried her to the 2018 Jr. National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas in December.

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Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez promises change, unity

Jonathan Nez, the newest and youngest Navajo Nation president, promised change and hope for his people during his inauguration Jan. 15 at Fort Defiance, Arizona.

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First ladies of the Navajo Nation advocate for change

Phefelia Herbert Nez, Dottie Lizer ask for a return to faith, prayer

As Jonathan Nez stepped into office as president of the Navajo Nation Jan. 15, one of his first commitments was to honor and recognize female leaders, including his wife First Lady Phefelia Nez and Second Lady Dottie Lizer.

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U.S. Marine Corps delivers Christmas cheer, gifts and more to Havasupai Reservation

Anya Uqualla, a young Supai mother holds her 2-month-old infant in her arms as she sits on a bench in the village square watching three U.S. Marines and several volunteers make final arrangements for Santa Claus, who will be arriving by helicopter later that morning.

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Jerrel Singer shares messages behind murals

Artist Jerrel Singer is known for the vibrant colors he uses capturing sunsets and sunrises. His work is described as bright, vivid and flowing with color, as he attempts to capture movement and time.

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