Winslow Levee to undergo reconstruction with funding from Arizona, Navajo County and Winslow

The Winslow Levee will undergo reconstruction with funding from the 
state of Arizona along with matching funds from Navajo County and city 
of Winslow. (Photo/Navajo County)

The Winslow Levee will undergo reconstruction with funding from the state of Arizona along with matching funds from Navajo County and city of Winslow. (Photo/Navajo County)

WINSLOW, Ariz. — Governor Katie Hobbs and the state legislature have approved $20 million for the reconstruction of the Winslow Levee, Navajo County announced May 11.

The project will be the largest public works project in northeastern Arizona. This funding, along with local matching funds from Navajo County and the city of Winslow, will be combined with $66 million in federal funds already allocated by Congress to pay for the entire project.

Reconstruction of the levee will protect thousands of Winslow residents and is key to unlocking economic growth in the region which has been effectively prohibited since FEMA levee decertification in 2008, the county said in a press release.

“We are so thankful for the leadership of Governor Hobbs who prioritized funding for our region and Senate President Warren Peterson who made sure the appropriation for the levee was included in the final budget,” said Navajo County Board of Supervisors Chairman Alberto Peshlakai. “Senator Theresa Hatathlie and Representative David Cook worked throughout the legislative session to gain bipartisan support for the project while Winslow Mayor Roberta Cano, the Winslow City Council, and staff put in numerous hours working with our team to convey the impact of this project on the City and the County. We are also grateful for Senator Wendy Rodgers’ efforts to support this project in the final Senate budget and to our LD6 and LD7 legislators; Representative Myron Tsosie, Representative Mae Peshlakai, and Representative David Marshall, Sr. for voting ‘yes’ to get the final budget passed.”

The failure of the levee has impacted Winslow’s homes, businesses, schools and hospitals, and residents have spent over $15 million in higher insurance premiums since decertification, the county said.

In addition to protecting residents, the new levee will protect railroad and transportation infrastructure which provides access to available land and natural resources in the area.

“The significance of this budget approval is a wonderful and positive step forward to advance the overall strength, economic growth, and expansion for the Winslow Community,” stated Winslow Mayor Roberta Cano. “I am immensely proud of our City Council, staff, Navajo County partners, and those lobbying for change on our behalf that have worked tirelessly to make this moment a reality. Opportunities for development that once seemed unobtainable due to the flood plain are now within reach, and the benefits that this funding provides will be a magnificent impact to economic prosperity in both the City of Winslow and our surrounding Indigenous communities. We can ensure that with this project, our community members can enjoy a bright future in Northern Arizona.”

The pre-construction, engineering and design phase of the project should be underway by mid-summer, the county said.

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