Navajo Nation roads impassable due to flooding, snow melt and rain runoff

WINSLOW, Ariz. — Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren and the Navajo Police Department have issued a community alert, warning motorists of hazardous road conditions, deep puddles and impassable muddy dirt roads throughout the Navajo Nation.

The extreme winter weather storms and melting snow have caused extensive flooding in various parts of the Navajo Nation, making some roads impassable and leaving residents stranded in their homes. Families are unable to leave their homes to retrieve necessary supplies or obtain medical care or prescriptions.

The Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety is cautioning motorists against traveling in these extreme weather and road conditions.

Navajo police urge those who become stranded or need medical assistance to notify their local chapter or the Navajo Police Department for immediate assistance. Paved roads are passable, but dirt roads are wet, muddy and snow-covered.

The Navajo Nation is monitoring all weather conditions and encourages residents to gather necessary resources to reach those in need of food or medical attention.

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