Former Winslow wrestling coach sentenced to prison for sex crimes with minors

Daniel Scott Larsen. (Photo/Navajo County)

Daniel Scott Larsen. (Photo/Navajo County)

WINSLOW, Ariz. - Former Winslow High School wrestling coach Daniel Scott Larsen, 40, was sentenced on March 10, 2023, to six years in prison and 15 years of supervised probation after pleading guilty in Navajo County Superior Court to sex crimes involving minor children.

Larsen pleaded guilty in February to sexual conduct with a minor at least 15 years of age while in a position of trust, a class 2 felony; attempted sexual conduct with a minor at least 15 years of age while in a position of trust, a class 3 felony; and three counts of public sexual indecency to a minor, a class 5 felony.

Larsen’s recent offenses involved the frequent sexual victimization of a high school student over a period of four years, beginning in 2014 when the student was 15 years old. The other three victims included in this case were Larsen’s extended family members who were young girls at the time they were victimized, beginning in the 1990’s. The youngest was five.

Superior Court Judge Pro Tem Jon H. Saline ordered the prison sentence, which will be carried out with the Arizona Department of Corrections. Saline imposed sex offender terms on Larsen’s probation, which requires him to register as a sex offender, refrain from contact with his victims without court approval, and to refrain from contact with anyone under 18 years of age, except for his own children or grandchildren. He must also undergo community supervision upon release from prison and perform 300 hours of community service.

Citing the ongoing repercussions victims may be suffering due to Larsen’s actions, the court ordered that restitution to victims be kept open until the end of Larsen’s probation period, in the event victims incur additional counseling and other treatment costs. Larsen is also being assessed various fines, court and probation fees.

The Navajo County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Unit investigated the initial reports of sexual abuse allegations against Larsen, and Oct. 18, 2022, he was indicted by the Navajo County Grand Jury.

“These crimes spanned decades and affected children ages five to 15, when the abuse of each of the four minor victims began,” said Navajo County Attorney Brad Carlyon. “It takes courage to come forward, whether it’s been a few hours, a few years or a few decades since a crime occurred. We applaud the courage of these women and are gratified to achieve an outcome where the offender admitted his guilt in court, and a measure of justice is being served.”

Carlyon concludes, “I’m grateful to the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office for thoroughly investigating this case, and to our prosecutorial and victims advocate team for working with victims and the court. Crimes against children cannot go unanswered. We hope there can be greater healing for the victims and their families.”

Information provided by Navajo County Sheriff's Office.

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