Letter to the Editor: Please take the time to build quality homes

This is responding to "Navajo Nation President putting a summit to plan homes for people in need."

My parents had to wait 16 years to get their home. Navajo Housing Authority (NHA) had this program for "home owners" — it was named "Scattered homes."

Then after four to five years, little issues started to happen, like our windows didn't work, and we hardly bothered with it. The hinges broke. Parts in the home started messing up. The front door was suppose to be made toward the east, that didn't happen. It took them only three weeks to build it, seems they were in a rush. It seems when making homes it should be at least after 10 to 15 years later you start seeing deterioration of a home. Knowing the home is well maintained by the home owners or renters even.

We took care of our home, we had Navajo Housing Authority evaluate the homes every year and they do inspecting. We report what needs to be fixed. But will NHA fix it or even notify the contractors to fix it? We had a warranty on the home. We never got it fixed and we reported it to NHA within the time frame.

I sure hope that these homes that will be made soundly, and honored to how the home owners would like it to be made.

Once we got our home, yes, it was a blessing and very heartwarming to know that my parents got this beautiful home. Sadly my father passed away after seven years living in his home, well home to be. Please make sure the homes are well-made for these families. We are very grateful for our beautiful home.

Lisa Yellow

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