Monument Valley grad pursues medical career through NPC

Isaac Silas examines a piece of tissue during his externship at the University of Minnesota. Silas is a graduate of Northland Pioneer College’s medical assistant program. (Photo/NPC)

Isaac Silas examines a piece of tissue during his externship at the University of Minnesota. Silas is a graduate of Northland Pioneer College’s medical assistant program. (Photo/NPC)

One may not realize where they are going, or that they have what it takes to just go for it. Sometimes they just need a little push. For Isaac Silas, a 2019 graduate of Monument High School in Kayenta, Ariz., and a 2022 Northland Pioneer College (NPC) medical assistant graduate, the education he received, and the resources NPC provided, opened the door and gave him that extra push.

Silas has always been a high achiever. Having participated in the National Honor Society and the Upward Bound program in high school, he is not afraid of hard work or trying new things. While he was in high school, he was invited to attend a summer college preparation program through Upward Bound at Northern Arizona University. He loved it and began taking college classes at NPC’s Kayenta location.

He earned his Associate of Applied Science degree in NPC’s medical assistant program. Not knowing what to do next, Silas learned about a paid, competitive externship program.

The Advancing Native Americans and Diversity for Aging research project, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and the Magee Women Institute at the University of Minnesota, was limited to only 13 participants who would be selected from a pool of national applicants.

Silas reached out to NPC’s career services department for assistance with fine-tuning his resume for the application. He submitted it and was surprised and delighted when he was chosen to attend.

Although he knew he wanted to go into the field of healthcare, he was not quite sure where his education and training as a medical assistant would take him. The externship changed everything.

“The experience was awesome,” Silas explains.

He was able to network with and work alongside some top professionals in the field of public health. Silas and students from universities such as Duke and Yale participated in researching the aging process, including examining senescent cells in the body, extracting, and studying mice DNA, and conducting fertilization and studying mitosis in sea urchins. Students also investigated holistic approaches in medicine.

“I was able to work alongside top-tier students and professionals from all over the U.S. and dive into investigating the aging process and related diseases including Alzheimer’s, dementia and hypertension,” he said.

For Silas, the program opened a whole new horizon of career possibilities.

“It was motivational,” he said.

Ben Sandoval, NPC’s manager of career services said opportunities like this that build momentum for students to find the right career.

“Students might think a program like ‘medical assistant’ limits them, but that’s not true,” he said. “Being a medical assistant builds a foundation you can use to pursue other careers in healthcare.”

Silas now plans to continue his studies at the University of Arizona and go into public health and research. He looks forward to participating in additional externship and internship opportunities along the way.

“There are a lot of opportunities out there,” Sandoval said. “All it takes is being willing to apply yourself and try.”

NPC’s medical assistant program prepares graduates to assist with medical office tasks including, phlebotomy, medication administration, electrocardiography, vital sign measurement, physical and specialty exam preparation, and sterilization and disinfection.

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