Hopi Bruins football 1-1 after Greyhills, Scottsdale Prep games

The Hopi High School Bruins football team gets in some summer practice. (Photo/Hopi Bruins)

The Hopi High School Bruins football team gets in some summer practice. (Photo/Hopi Bruins)

KYKOTSMOVI, Ariz. — Head Coach Raleigh Namoki has high hopes for his Hopi Bruins football team this year.

“I think we’re going to be contenders in our division,” Namoki said. “We’re talented, and we are really deep in seniors.”

Five seniors anchor the team. Jarius Lomayeste will be at the helm of the offense. Last year he was the back-up quarterback. He likes to both pass and run the ball himself. On defense, he plays safety or corner.

“He leads by example,” Namoki said. “He has some big shoes to fill and is doing a good job. He’s hit the weights and has become very mobile. He’s a multi-sport athlete and very talented.”

Jayce Sidney is the fullback. At 6 feet and 220 pounds, he can serve as a blocking back or a runner.

“One of the things about Jayce is his effort,” Namoki said. “He never misses practice, and he is constantly pushing himself. He has a great deal of commitment to the team.”

On the offensive and defensive lines, Kapo Teutupe is a standout. He plays both sides of the ball, and for a 6’1” 265-pound lineman, is very quick, Namoki said.

In charge of the defense is Isaac Poleviyuma, a middle linebacker.

“He’s the one who is very vocal and gets the guys all charged up,” Namoki said.

Aquuino Martinez is the team’s running back and corner on defense. At 5’8”, he gives up several inches to many of the wide receivers.

“He’s not afraid to mix it up with the bigger guys,” Namoki said. “He’s quick and coachable. What he lacks in height he makes up for with heart.”

The Bruins came into the season with a 6-4 overall record last year, and a 2-3 2A Little Colorado League record.

They had their season opener against Greyhills Academy on Aug. 18, at home. The final score was 60-0 for the Bruins.

They faced Scottsdale Prep Aug. 24, losing 27-0.

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