Cold weather and pets? What the vet says.

Snow Pets (Adobe Stock)

Snow Pets (Adobe Stock)

The Arizona Humane Society gives guidelines to keep pets safe when the temperature drops.


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  1. Provide shelter: Make sure your pet has a nice, warm, enclosed area (such as a dog house) to block the wind and a soft, cozy bed/blankets to keep your pet from lying directly on the cold ground.
  2. Know their limits: Although many pets prefer to be outside, sometimes the conditions may be too extreme for them to handle. Pets can develop hypothermia just like humans. If your pet is showing signs such as whining, shivering or weakness…get them back inside quickly.
  3. Check their paws: Be sure to check your dog’s paws frequently for cold weather injuries such as cracked paw pads or bleeding.
  4. Dress to impress: Dressing your furry friend can help provide an extra layer to help keep them warm during these chilly months. For fashionable, trendy looks that will ensure you pet tackles this winter with style, shop AHS’ Petique locations!
  5. Wellness checks: Cold weather can worsen some already existing medical conditions. Schedule your pet’s annual wellness check at AHS’ Veterinary Clinics to ensure their health can handle the weather.
  6. Check your hoods: Many cats search for a place to keep warm this time of year, and a vehicle engine is often an optimal choice for them. Before starting your engine, check under your vehicle, honk your horn and bang on the hood.
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