Navajo Nation President recognizes Tuba City graduate on career as Arizona Rattlers strength coach

The Arizona Rattlers are a professional indoor American football team based in Phoenix, Arizona. They are currently members of the Indoor Football League (Photo/OPVP)

The Arizona Rattlers are a professional indoor American football team based in Phoenix, Arizona. They are currently members of the Indoor Football League (Photo/OPVP)

PHOENIX, Ariz. — Earlier this year, the Arizona Rattlers named Maurice Brown their Strength and Conditioning Coach for the 2022 season.

Brown “Coach Mo”, Tsé Ńjíkiní, born for Ma’ii Deeshgiizhinii, Maternal Grandfather Tó Dích’íi’nii, and Paternal Grandfather Táchii’nii, is originally from Tuba City, Arizona.

“We commend Coach Brown on his accomplishment on becoming a head coach, said Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez. “Coach Brown is an inspiration to many young athletes and individuals. We will continue to pray for your success and future achievements.”


Maurice Brown is a coach for the Arizona Rattlers. (Photo/AZ Rattlers)

Brown brings an abundance of professional experience in strength training, conditioning, massage therapy and much more. His combination of experience, competitiveness, and passion for training makes him an ideal fit into the winning culture the Arizona Rattlers have manufactured over the years. Known as “Coach Mo,” Maurice is a familiar face to the Rattlers organization, having spent the 2019 and 2020 seasons as an intern assistant with the organization.

Prior to rejoining the Rattlers, Coach Mo joined the Arizona Diamondbacks as their NEXGEN Strength and Conditioning Coach, assisting with their sports medicine team. Brown also worked with EXOS, formerly “Athletes Performance”, as a Performance Coach for three years.

The journey first began when he personally got injured. He was constantly involved in sports and exercise growing up on the reservation, generating a passion that led him to pursue this career to help others reach their fitness and athletic goals.

After a major knee injury at Tuba City High School, Maurice’s doctor took it upon himself to rehabilitate him from the injury both physically and mentally. This rehabilitation motivated Maurice to explore recovery aspects of sports medicine; including and not limited to sports recovery through sports psychology.

Although sports at every level is a huge part of the Navajo Nation interest and activity, Maurice recognized the absence of sports doctors; a lack of a sports medicine team, strength coaches, and little to no resources on the Navajo Nation to support athletes to reach their full potential.

“Being in a small-town reservation, there’s really no strength coaches or athletic trainers or anyone in that sports realm,” he said. “So I really took it upon myself to help those that may experience that same type of injury that I did. If I can help people in that aspect, then I believe I’d be living out my purpose.”

Brown co-founded Brown Performance Strength & Conditioning, inspiring individuals to enhance and improve their overall sports and human performance. He is also a Cortiva Institute licensed massage therapist and a graduate from Black Hills State University, where he earned a degree in exercise science.

When asked about his coaching style, Coach Mo said building connections is vital towards getting the most out of players.

“It’s not my way or the highway, it’s a cohesive relationship that I’m trying to make work. Let’s make it a collaboration. I’m providing an environment for others to thrive in,” Brown said. “Helping people succeed is my ultimate mission statement and overall goal in coaching.”

Information provided by Arizona Rattlers and Navajo Nation Office of the President.

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