Letter to the editor: More to story regarding Navajo Nation Veterans Administration accreditation

I just read some of your article "Veterans secretary accredits Navajo Nation Veterans Administration." Frankly I could not finish reading the article since it full of misplaced adulation for President Nez and Navajo Veterans Director Zwierlein.

If you must publish this then you should also publish the grassroots Navajo Veterans concerns, which is complete opposite of the President's and Directors accomplishments.

If anything, changes made were shoved down the Navajo Veterans throats, with no concern for their rights. "To hear from Navajo Veterans", this quote is farther from the truth than the earth is from the moon.

For starters Mr. Zwierlein is not native and has no idea of the deep spiritual belief of the Navajo Veterans. We have the right to maintain and strengthen our spiritual and traditional beliefs.

How can he represent Navajo Veterans, as an in-law he does what he want as long as it make Mr Nez look good. It's like the US Government when they forced indigenous people to assimilate into western culture.

As of now OPVP or Mr. Zwierlein has no concerns with the efforts by Chapter Veterans Organization's efforts to undo some or all of Mr. Zwierlein changes.

Have we not learn from history the price paid for forced assimilation. Our very own so called leader, President Nez is walking in the very step of the colonial government and pats himself on the back, while grassroots Navajo Veterans cry foul.

Rosie Foster

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