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Thu, Oct. 28

Diné men and women are most recent graduates for Navajo Police

Navajo Nation Police recruits are administered the oath of honor by District Court Judge Cynthia Thompson Sept. 24 in Window Rock, Arizona. (Photo/Office of the President)

Navajo Nation Police recruits are administered the oath of honor by District Court Judge Cynthia Thompson Sept. 24 in Window Rock, Arizona. (Photo/Office of the President)

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — Navajo Nation Police Training Academy Class 56, comprised of 12 young and determined Navajo Police Officer recruits, received their badge during a graduation ceremony Sept. 24 at the Navajo Nation Veterans Memorial Park in Window Rock, Arizona.

Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer honored and congratulated each of the 12 officers, who successfully completed the 25-week police academy training.

The Navajo Police Academy, located in Chinle, Arizona has prepared five recruit classes that uphold respect, self-discipline, accountability, academic achievement, integrity, and professionalism, according to the Navajo Nation Police Academy.

Class 56 completed challenging training in academics, physical and mental conditioning, communications and firearms to receive their badges. The academy also integrates Diné Fundamental Law, as well as state and federal laws, into its curriculum.

“Serving in the line of duty will be a physical, emotional, and mental challenge for the new officers and their loved ones. However, through prayer and the support of their families and communities, I am confident they will serve and protect our communities well. Thank you for taking on this difficult challenge and serving our people,” Nez said.

The 12 recruits took the oath of honor administered by District Court Judge Cynthia Thompson, while their loved ones participated in pinning the Navajo Police Department badge. Recruits include:

Elijah McCoy — Kayenta District

William Smith — Dilkon District

JC Roan — Chinle District

Davin Watchman — Window Rock District

Caitlin Morris — Dilkon District

Anthony Lasiloo — Window Rock District

Siebert Vandever — Crownpoint District

Shane Davis — Tuba City District

Tulley Lincoln — Window Rock District

Kerneil Nih — Crownpoint District

Gilbert Rogers Jr. — Kayenta District

Kevin Charley — Chinle District

“May God keep you safe and protect each one of you as you start your new journey to protect and serve. God, give them the strength, courage, and perseverance to endure the danger, stress, and the things they will see. Bring them home safely to their loved ones after each shift. We ask for prayers for our first responders and let’s appreciate and thank them,” Lizer said.

Also, in attendance was Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety Executive Director Jesse Delmar, Navajo Chief of Police Phillip Francisco, Deputy Chief of Police Daryl Noon, 24th Navajo Nation Council Delegate Eugenia Charles-Newton who chairs the Law and Order Committee and Miss Navajo Nation Niagara Rockbridge.

“Our Navajo police recruits have the most distinguished training than any police force in the country. They are trained in many areas than the county, state, or federal agencies. We are thankful that the 12 police officers are giving back to the community with their bravery and courage,” Delmar said.

The officers will start their duty as Navajo police officers within their designated districts immediately.

Information provided by the Navajo Nation Office of the President

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