Letter to the editor: Housing shortage is severe on Nation

I just read an article in the Gallup Independent on the 16 meetings per month the Navajo Housing Authority board has and how much they make a year (stipends).

We are in the middle of a PANDEMIC, people are homeless! They are dying waiting for a house!

There are three or four families living in a two bedroom house. They may or may not have running water and sanitation facilities. People are living in their vehicles or shabby tents. People are passing away, we are in mourning here!

Now, if these NHA board members are employed elsewhere making upwards of $30,000 plus a possible $48,000 in stipends and they are justifying it, this is OBSCENE!

The housing shortage on the Navajo Nation can't wait while this grant money is being wasted on selfish, narrow minded board members. They should resign and a group of wise, educated, culturally sensitive people be put in place. Hopi and Zuni housing authority stated that their members met once a month and are paid $150 per meeting. Ute Mountain board members get $0 for their monthly meetings.

The Navajo Nation should perform an audit of these stipends, travel allowances, board meeting minutes should be posted on the NHA web site for the past two years.

The feasibility study performed several years ago on the housing needs of the Navajo Nation should have been used to build houses. There is no need for more studies and planning should be based on the results in this study.

Barbara J. Morgan

Shiprock, New Mexico

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