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Wed, June 29

Tuba City Unified School District returns to class Aug. 2 with in-person and online options

Tuba City Unified School District announced its schools will open for in-person learning with a remote learning option Aug. 2. (Loretta McKenney/NHO)

Tuba City Unified School District announced its schools will open for in-person learning with a remote learning option Aug. 2. (Loretta McKenney/NHO)

TUBA CITY, Ariz. — Tuba City Unified School District (TCUSD) plans to offer in-person learning for the 2021-2022 school year and discussed remote learning option for students as they prepare to return to class Aug. 2.

On July 21, TCUSD held a virtual public meeting to discuss remote learning options.

Newly selected superintendent, Dr. Terry Maurer, said the district is offering remote learning options, however, it is a temporary solution as they help students transition back into in-person learning.

“This is a temporary solution to the idea of staying remote,” Maurer said. “We are asking that all students return to on campus learning and we know that some families are not ready, some students are not ready to return.”

Masks will be required for all students and faculty attending in-person, regardless of whether or not they have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

For remote learners, learning packets will not be mailed or given to students this year, instead, remote learning will be dependent on having a good internet connection.

“This option is going to be based on a solid internet connection,” Maurer said. “If your internet was barely functioning for this past school year and there’s not a plan in place to bring that internet up to a higher level, it will be difficult to keep up without solid internet connection.”

Maurer said the district is looking to provide onsite services for remote learners and possibily providing internet hotspots where students could go to get a good signal.

For students who transition from remote to in-person learning the school district will provide an on-site, safe place for them to work until they are ready to rejoin their class.

“(They) will be supervised by an adult and the children will have internet access… where they can follow along with their peers until they’re ready to transition back into the classroom,” Maurer said.

Additionally, ongoing training for those teaching in a remote model will be necessary, Maurer said, as well as continued instruction for students and their families.

“We need to start initial and ongoing training for families and students on what it looks like to be a remote student,” Maurer said. “Knowing that you have a dedicated area for learning and set times, because teachers will be working with students at very specific times.”

Busses will be running on schedule starting Aug. 2. Attendance will be taken daily for both in-person and remote learners.

The full learning plan for Tuba City Unified School District is available on its website at

Editor's note: The Observer went to print July 26, however, additional public meetings are being held to discuss ongoing learning options. Visit for updates and information.

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