Public information: $450,000 settlement agreement between Federal Trade Commission and Tate's Auto Group

ST. MICHAEL'S, Ariz. — The Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission announced that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reached a settlement agreement with Richard Berry, owner/manager of Tates Auto Group (Tates).

The Commission has been collecting written complaints by Navajo consumers against Tate's.

The data from the complaints indicated that Tates alleged to commit unlawful and unfair business practices.

In 2014, the commission forwarded its findings to the FTC, after reviewing the commission’s finding the FTC then filed a complaint against Tates with U.S. District Court of Arizona in 2018 on falsifying consumer information on financing documents.

When consumers provide factual information when filing complaints it’s difficult for retailers to dismiss filed complaints against them, the commission said.

“Retailers need to treat consumers fairly and without deception," said Human Rights Commission Executive Director Leonard Gorman. "When retailers conduct business in the Navajo language they need to keep in mind that the Navajo language is sacred and meaningful spoken words. When retailers say in the Navajo language we will help you and that help must be without fabrication and without misinformation.”

The Human Rights Commission enouraged Navajo consumers to take the necessary time to make a decision while making a large purchase.

“Because to get a corrective action may take years to get a final answer. The commission is hopeful some amount of money from the Tate’s settlement would go back to the Navajo consumers from Tate’s auto inappropriate dealing," Gorman said.

More information about the settlement or other information is available by contacting the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission at 928-871-7436.

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