Community information: How to obtain an application for protection from domestic abuse

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — Because of the current public health emergency due to COVID-19, The Navajo Nation courts are operating with minimal staff and the doors are closed to the public.

Until certain gating criteria are outlined for reopening, the courts continue to offer essen-tial services, which include providing applications for and processing petitions for orders of protection.

When a petition for a tem-porary protection order is filed, it is either approved or denied immediately without notice to the respondent.

Whether approved or denied, the petition for Domestic Abuse Protection Order is addressed by the court when it is served to the respondent, which must be completed within a 15-day timeline. The courts are guided by the Domestic Abuse Protection Act in Title 9 of the Navajo Nation Code and the Navajo Rules for Domestic Violence Proceedings adopted by the Navajo Nation Supreme Court.

Obtaining an application

An “Application for Protection from Domestic Abuse and Service of Process” can be downloaded from the web-site.

The following Courts have protection order applications available at the courts: Aneth, Crownpoint, Dził Yijiin, Shiprock, Window Rock, Chinle, To’Hajiilee/Alamo and Ramah Judicial Districts.

an application may be provided in the local courts’ drop box upon request. At Crownpoint, Shiprock, Dził Yijiin, Kayenta and Window Rock, blank petitions are available in an envelope or clear document holder outside the court building.

If you are not able to obtain an application online, the fol-lowing courts will email, mail or fax to you upon request: Chinle, Kayenta, Window Rock, Crownpoint and Tuba City Judicial District. Shiprock Judicial District will email or mail upon request.

There are also protection order applications available at the local Navajo Nation police station in the following districts: Ramah, Crownpoint, Kayenta, Window Rock, Shiprock and Tuba City.

At Dilkon, Shiprock, Crownpoint and To’Hajiilee/Alamo Judicial Districts, appli-cations for protection order will be accepted over the phone if petitioner has no access to print out forms.

Other places where people may get protection order appli-cations:

  1. Ramah Judicial District: local post office
  2. Dził Yijiin Judicial District: Pinon chapter house, Navajo County Sheriff’s dep-uties, local Division of Social Services, Pinon Health Center
  3. Aneth Judicial District: Utah Navajo Health System, Inc. Victim Advocates – locat- ed at Monument Valley and Montezuma Creek Community Health Centers
  4. Alamo Navajo School Board Social Services and Wellness Center
  5. Kayenta Office of the Prosecutor
  6. Tuba City Judicial District: DNA office
  7. Window Rock Judicial District: You may contact the victim advocate with Division of Social Services at (928) 206-1532 for assistance.
  8. DNA Legal Services, Window Rock, Arizona

Emergency Temporary Protection Orders outside of regular court business hours may be obtained through the Navajo Nation Police Department.

How to submit documents

The application can be filed during court business hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Applications are normally accepted by email, fax, U.S. mail, and/or in the drop box located outside the court. Any documents filed outside the court’s operating hours are received the next business day.

If sending documents by email, note that the Navajo Nation uses a sender verification system designed to eliminate spam, bulk and malicious emails. If you email the courts from a non-Navajo Nation email address, please make sure to verify your email address by following the instructions sent back to you by email. This will allow for your email to go through to the intended recipient. Also, if sending documents by email or fax the public is asked to contact the court by telephone to ensure receipt of email or fax.

Applications can also be placed in the drop box outside the court houses. All Judicial Districts except Tuba City, Shiprock and Dilkon Judicial Districts have drop boxes; they are currently working on obtaining drop boxes.

Applications for protection order can also be sent to the court by taking photographs or screenshots of the docu-ments and sending by email as long as the form is readable at Dilkon, Kayenta, Shiprock, To’Hajiilee/Alamo and Tuba City Judicial Districts.

If you need further assistance, please contact the local district court.

Currently, the Pueblo Pintado Circuit Court is operating from the Crownpoint Judicial District Court facility until further notice.

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