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Sun, Nov. 28

Letter to the editor: Northern Arizona Sierra Club endorses Judy Begay

Coconino County District 4 Supervisor candidates are very different in many ways and Ms. Judy Begay is the clear choice for voters based on her exceptional background.

Judy has the local knowledge and understanding needed to be an adept County Supervisor.

Here is a short list of Judy’s accomplishments; served on the Tuba City School Board for 16 years, worked in supervisory positions of health programs, management of facilities including roads, infrastructure and public housing.

Judy received a Bachelor of Science from NAU in Business Administration & Management and a master’s degree from the University of Phoenix in Organizational Management.

Finally, Judy is Native American who speaks and writes fluently the Navajo language.

Opposing Judy is Mr. Thorpe, a California transplant that has been in the the LD6 AZ House of Representative for several years.

Thorpe’s voting record is dismal at best, earning an F from the Sierra Club and Arizona Education Association.

Humane Voters of Arizona, wildlife protection group, score card showed Bob voting against wildlife 60 percent of the time. Mr. Thorpe is OK with building dams as he attempted to pass a bill to fund building one on Lower Laker Mary.

Life long resident in Coconino County, Ms. Begay is going to work for the people and land of District 4, therefore has earned our endorsement.

Joe Shannon

Chair, Flagstaff N AZ Group – Sierra Club

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