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Thu, Dec. 02

Guest column: Why not Thorpe? Here’s why

In 2013, Bob Thorpe and other Representatives sued our State opposing the State Congress passing and Gov. Brewer (R) signing expansion of Medicaid that benefits lower-middle income people by using Federal funds. Health centers and hospitals are often required to provide care regardless of insurance. Medicaid pays for health services that would otherwise not be paid whether in 2013 or today. The Courts upheld the Medicaid expansion law but not before Thorpe costs the state a lot of wasted time and taxpayer money.

Thorpe’s HB2265 brazenly attempted to hide elected officials’ cell and computer messages on personal devices even when used to conduct State related business. This means elected officials could have keep political behavior secret while escaping accountability.

Arizona Daily Sun (08/02/18) confirmed Thorpe lied about his involvement when Sen. Burgess filed a legal complaint saying Sedona violated Arizona’s Constitution. Thorpe denied writing emails regarding the complaint, however, public records report showed he had, whereupon he conveniently couldn’t find those emails.

Add to Thorpe’s litany taking away a city’s power to regulate short-term-rentals, holding School Board members liable for legal fees after a settled court case, and purposely discriminating against a woman Representative in a committee he Chaired. The list goes on. “Why not Thorpe?” becomes very clear. Best we vote for Judy Begay for County Supervisor and protect our efficient county government.

Bryan Bates,

Doney Park

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