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Tue, Dec. 07

Navajo president highlights adoption needs on reservation

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — On Nov. 1, Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer signed a proclamation to recognize the month of November as the "Navajo Nation Adoption Awareness Month" to raise awareness about adoption.

According to the president's office, there are hundreds of Navajo children who receive foster care services while waiting to be adopted by a loving family.

The proclamation states that there is a critical need to increase awareness regarding the number of Navajo children and teens in need of a permanent home on the Navajo Nation. Many Navajo youths will "age-out" of the foster care system before they can find a forever home.

"Every Navajo child deserves a stable, loving, forever family. As Diné, our families are built on the foundation of kinship, compassion, support, and unconditional love, and we have to offer those values to every Navajo child. We are all family, and we need to be there for children who don't have parents. Navajo children and youth in foster care deserve every happiness and joy experienced by those not in foster care," Nez said. "Our Navajo children are our strength and future, and should be in a home full of love, support, and trust."

The proclamation further states: We recognize, and wholeheartedly embrace, the spirit that every child matters. We celebrate the parent(s) who have invited a child-in-need into their hearts and their homes. We express our profound appreciation for all who make adoption possible, including those administrative professionals, caseworkers, and countless others.

The proclamation also encourages Navajo citizens to go the extra mile" by assisting adoptive families and Navajo children in need of a permanent and caring family.

Information provided by the Office of the President and Vice President

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