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Wed, Jan. 26

Letter to the editor: Flagstaff hospital earned excellent rating from patient

For two weeks at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff I received excellent care after having a mini-stroke.

That facility has been honored as being in the top ten percent of such hospitals in the United States. The reason is obvious. They have an exceptionally dedicated, talented and competent staff of health care workers.

This part of the state is fortunate to have such a facility to serve our medical and rehabilitation needs. It also serves as a place of employment and education for many.

Susan is one of several Navajo nurses. Most of the therapists are from the area as are many of the patients – it was not difficult to get to know and become friends with many of them and fellow patients.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many changes, including putting all such workers in masks. Friendly people are still friendly, though and kind people are still kind.

I left there with a considerable number of new friends and hope to go back when the pandemic is over and build on friendships started during my treatment.

Becky supplied the one need the facility didn’t, books to read. John and Mickayla were excellent therapist and became true friends. All of the nurses and patient care people were great and helped me.

All of the doctors who saw me were good and interesting people.

We in northern Arizona are lucky to have such a facility. It comes from having good people doing the right things well.

Sam Conner,

Winslow resident

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