SRP suspends NGS Decommissioning in response to COVID-19

The coal-fired plant has operated out of Page, Arizona since January 19, 1971. (Photos/Stock)

The coal-fired plant has operated out of Page, Arizona since January 19, 1971. (Photos/Stock)

PAGE, Ariz. – Salt River Project (SRP) notified the Navajo Nation and Navajo Generating Station (NGS) Decommissioning Project contractors that the company will suspend major on-site decommissioning activities at NGS by March 28.

This proactive step ensures the health and safety of SRP employees and contractors and is in accordance with company-wide precautions related to COVID-19.

SRP has informed its contractors they should:

• Discontinue the NGS decommissioning activities

• Develop and implement plans to minimize the cost of standing-by during suspension

• Make effort to suspend orders, subcontracts and rental agreements as related to suspended work

Contractors have been asked to leave the plant site free of any hazards as they suspend activities and exit the property. Security personnel will remain onsite to ensure the safety of equipment left behind. A select few work activities will continue during the suspension. The plant's stack-lighting system remains operational and dust controls are in place.

"We are suspending activities in an orderly and safe manner," said Gary Barras, SRP director of Major Projects. "NGS contractors were notified as early as possible, which gave them time to safely shut down the site."

On March 20, the Navajo Nation Office of the President and Vice President announced the number of positive tests for the COVID-19 virus on the Navajo Nation had reached 69.

SRP's intention is to resume decommissioning activities when the COVID-19 crisis passes and when work can be done safely as confirmed by public health directives and guidelines.

Information provided by SRP

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