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Thu, Dec. 02

It’s time for a major change at NTEC

To the editor:

Navajo Transitional Energy Co. (NTEC) no doubt has a trust issue with the Navajos. NTEC has clearly lost the trust of the Navajo People and the tribal government. Trust that will never come back to NTEC with this board and CEO in place. NTEC’s propoganda machine just last week shows they will continue to falsely tell its story.

Everyone in the region knows that the speaker’s office has not played any role in delivering coal to the Navajo people. Not even NTEC itself, since all the managers now operate out of Wyoming and Denver. It is Bisti Fuels and several delegates that have been instrumental in getting out the coal for the Navajo public and Hopis. Yet, the company continues to promote its propoganda that NTEC and the speakers’s office are the ones that made the coal delivery happen. This is just plain out right false.

Why does NTEC continue to not tell the truth? We know they buy public officials andnow they are using the Navajo public offices to spread false information. NTEC CEO (Clark) Moseley and its board of directors continue to support this kind of misleading behavior. What are the CEO and managers afraid of these days? Our public tribal officials must not let NTEC take advantage of them and us.

NTEC has turned into another Peabody and BHP corporation. It moved its operation far from Navajo land, along with precious Navajo revenue from the Navajo mine. NTEC now provides direct support to all those non-Navajo communities in Wyoming and Montana. In turn, what do the Navajo people get, nothing? The BHP and Peabody model of operating far from Navajo with Navajo money is the same model NTEC now uses.

NTEC’s recently announced that they still have not gotten the bonds and permits for the Wyoming and Montana mines. Yet, NTEC agreed to waive the company’s sovereign immunity and take on $100 million debt of back taxes to the states and counties in Wyoming and Montana. This deal clearly was to win over the law makers of those two states. These two actions show that the non-Navajo NTEC managers of the complany will never have the best interest of the Navajo people in mind. The non-Navajos have sold Navajo’s precious sovereignty. It’s time for a major change withing NTEC. It has to start with a new set of board members and then a new CEO.

Clyde Hanson

Montezuma Creek/Aneth, Utah

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