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Thu, Jan. 27

From the publisher: The Navajo-Hopi Observer thanks the community for their continued support

The role of a community newspaper, first and foremost, is to report the news and events that happen in the community it serves. In the case of this newspaper, we serve many small communities and take our role very seriously. In addition to our editorial coverage, we also provide information in print and on-line about local businesses, private parties, legal entities and governmental bodies through advertising.

Because we take this job seriously, we invest a lot of time in the jobs we do, whether it’s reporting the news, laying out advertisements, printing the newspaper, delivering the newspaper, posting articles online, taking obituary information, taking photographs, updating our social media pages, taking classified and public notice ads and assisting people in a myriad of other ways. It takes a lot of work and a lot of money. At the end of the day we are a profit-making business.

Because of the pandemic, just like every other private enterprise, we’ve been struggling to survive. It takes a lot of revenue to operate any business in today’s environment — even in the best of times. In our case, it’s payroll and benefit costs we incur to support our employees who work hard to deliver great products to you. On top of these expenses, we also have costs to print the paper, deliver the paper, post the news on websites, pay for computer systems and internet access along with our overhead expenses such as utilities, communications, rent and other items that almost every business needs to operate.

Recently, many people have donated to help us continue to operate in the current pandemic environment. We are selling a lot less advertising than we have in the past because of the downturn in the economy and business closures. Advertising does pay the bulk of our operating expenses. Many times people think the newspaper’s primary revenue source is newspaper or online access subscriptions, or the price people pay for the newspaper at the newsstand. The truth is, the price of the newspaper doesn’t even cover the cost of delivering the newspaper, which is why we depend on advertising and at the present time your donations.

In addition to thanking those people who have donated to this newspaper online, I would also like to give a big thanks to those of you who patronize our advertisers and the businesses that promote using our newspapers, publications, maps and websites. We are local — the businesses are local and you are local — we’re all in this together. Through our collaborative efforts we can all continue to survive.

I give you my word, this newspaper, whether it’s in print or online, will continue to “report the news” and not “make the news”. Our local communities deserve it. If this newspaper doesn’t continue to survive then there will be no more local news and information source to keep people updated on events that shape the fabric of our lives.

Thanks again for supporting the Navajo-Hopi Observer.

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