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Thu, Dec. 02

Letter to the editor: Navajo Nation needs a new board of directors for Navajo Transitional Energy Co.

The latest news on Navajo Transitional Energy Co. (NTEC) not getting the Wyoming or Montana permits and bonds is alarming.

It was clear from the beginning that NTEC CEO Clark Moseley was taking a big risk with the Navajo company. More alarming is that the NTEC board of directors allowed this purchase to proceed.

The writing is on the wall for NTEC because the state regulators in both Montana and Wyoming are not giving into the company. They want more assurance that NTEC will not leave the state taxpayers holding the bag if NTEC goes under. All the mines are bleeding in the Powder River basin.

It’s time now to have Navajo Nation leadership make a serious change. That change needs to start with the board of directors. This is a Navajo company and there are other professional Navajos that can step in and lead NTEC in the direction that the Navajo people want.

We have also heard rumors that the CEO has made racial statements toward the various chapters and chapter officials as they request support. This behavior should never be allowed. Yet the board of directors continues to allow the CEO to not come before the people and explain his actions and comments. Navajo mine employees have also stated that support the local chapters has almost all gone away since everything is now located out of Gillette, Wyoming.

President (Jonathan) Nez has clearly stated the direction he wants the enterprises to move, which is in a green direction. Yet, the NTEC board of directors and CEO continue to move toward fossil fuel growth and development. The president’s office has taken steps to get the new energy agenda moving. NTEC management has been nowhere around to support the president’s effort. Now, the Navajo people are requesting and demanding changes to NTEC management. Now is the time for that change with President Nez’s energy agenda.

Paul Scott,

Shiprock, New Mexico

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