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Sun, Sept. 20

Letter to the editor: The Human Condition takes hard work to maintain

To the editor:

With all the political friction vying for power in one way or another, it is easy to lose track of the simple dilemna we all share as humans. We are all creatures of our past, in that we end up one way or another being innocent receivers of the biases our parents harbored — there is no way ariound this.

As a result, I have to work on those biases and ‘isms’ as well as on my own a day at a time. I try to take each person one at a time. They show me respect, then it is easy for me to show respect.

However, being tolerant means that I give the other person some latitude. There is none of us reading this who does not have to work on not falling back into that reaction zone of preconception.

Because I may wear a label does not change a thing, moment to moment, during the day as situations present themselves. I have to be on guard as a person to see that other person as he would like to be seen or I’ve let my past diectate who I am in the now and am ruled by it rather than being free (one aspect of the hippie movement that i could really identify with).

One cause or another does not change a thing. It is always about us trying to improve ourselves — and that is hard work.

Cliff Alexander

Tuba City, Aironza

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