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Thu, Dec. 02

Letter to the editor: Crossover bridges could prevent train deaths in Flag

To the editor:

This letter of concern has taken me some time to write. I have finally come to terms to address this issue.

Back in 2017, I lost my brother in an accident in which a train was involved. After visiting the railroad tracks where it happened and gathering as much information from the incident report, I feel that there should be great concern toward the safety of the community.

I find it very disturbing that a train runs constantly across the many local bars, which, to me, is very dangerous, especially for the people who have made the choice to try and cross these tracks after becoming intoxicated.

I feel that BSNF or the mayor of Flagstaff should step up to improve the safety around these tracks. I know for a fact that where my brother was hit and killed, there is no guardrail that should come down to keep anyone or anything from crossing.

I find it appropriate to consider the idea of building cross over bridges in a number of various places throughout the community. This would be greatly appreciated within and around the Flagstaff area. This would put many worries for our loved ones at ease, if and when they do choose to drink at these local bars, especially for the many college students who use these areas to cross to get safely back to the NAU campus where they reside.

Providing warning signs, flashing lights, alarming horns and guard rails is proving to be not enough to prevent accidents. I understand that it takes a huge amount of funding for this type of construction but I do believe that once it is complete and is being put to use, it will have proved to have been a much needed development, and which could have prevented many unwanted deaths.

I chose to voice my opinion and concern, as well as taking this opportunity to do so.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Shawna K. Negale

Coconino Hotel, Flagstaff, Arizona

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