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Wed, May 27

Guest Column: NGS completes last outage after 45 years of continuous operation

The Three Sisters are back at it again. A milestone was reached in April when, after nearly 45 years of continuous operation, Navajo Generating Station officially completed its last scheduled maintenance outage.


Shayne Jones, NGS Maintenance Manager. (Submitted photo)

Great job to everyone involved in the summer prep outages, condenser tube leaks, seal repairs, cable faults and much more over the past several weeks of work. You are all an awesome bunch, and I appreciate all you do every day to keep The Three Sisters safely putting power on the grid for the benefit of all those living in the Southwest.

Our Unit 3 start-up closed the books on decades of calendared, budgeted, planned and scheduled outages at NGS. This is a sad day in my book – but it is also a day to be extremely proud.

All of the thousands of permanent and temporary employees who participated in maintaining NGS for the past four-and-a-half decades have done an amazing job. You have made NGS one of the most recognized power plants in the country. Not because of all the headlines the non-governmental agencies initiate. No, NGS is recognized throughout the country and energy industry for its performance.

There are few power plants in the U.S. that can boast the performance statistics NGS has logged over its life. The past 30 years it has performed its best. Each of you who played a role should be hugely proud of this accomplishment. You made it happen with what you do day in and day out. The teamwork, the comradery, sense of ownership and pride have all combined to create an exceptional team that has created an exceptional power plant.

Thanks again for everything you have done and continue doing to make NGS what it is. It is what it is simply because of the great folks who have worked here, who work here today and those who will continue to work here. This is a lot of iron that requires a lot of skill and finesse to operate and maintain. You have done and continue to do a magnificent job.

There are still many megawatts to be generated by The Three Sisters. Let’s all continue to do everything we can to help NGS Finish Strong!

My sincere gratitude to all of you who are and have been NGS.

Shayne Jones

NGS Maintenance Manager

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