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Tue, June 02

Nation to pave 10 miles on Navajo Route 27 from Nazlini to Chinle; completion set for 2020

NAZLINI, Ariz. — Navajo Route 27, which connects Nazlini to Chinle, is currently undergoing improvements that include roadway excavation, pipe installation and embankment work.

The N27 project will pave over 10 miles of earthen roadway with a substantial completion date of June 2020. Along with paving the route, the project will add an additional lane on the northern end of Navajo Route 7 in Chinle.

“Improving this thoroughfare is critical to connecting two highly populated communities,” said Garret Silversmith, executive director of Navajo Division of Transportation (NDOT). “It’s a huge project that when completed will bring greater transportation benefits to all commuters who utilize N27.” 

Improvements to N27 will also have a multiplier effect on local communities by increasing economic development through increased traffic. The route provides access to health services, schools, shopping and other social services for local communities.

NDOT is consistently monitoring progress to keep the project on track and construction to specification.

“Currently, we’re addressing grade, drainage and erosion control which will facilitate the placing of an aggregate base course,” Silversmith said. “Ultimately, the road will be finished with hot asphaltic and concrete pavement.”

For many, the paving of N27 has been a long-standing priority. Progress in paving N27 is the result of combined efforts from chapter officials, the Navajo Nation Council, tribal divisions and the executive branch.

Navajo Engineering and Construction Authority (NECA) is the selected contractor for the project which, in total, will cost approximately $33 million dollars.

“We’re making substantial progress on N27 but we’re also paying attention to detail to ensure the quality of construction,” Silversmith said. “The road remains open and we ask that anyone who is traveling N27 to decrease your speed and pay close attention to construction zones.”

Information provided by the Navajo Division of Transportation

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