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Mon, Nov. 11

Winslow City Council hears reports on marijuana odor and receives updates

WINSLOW, Ariz. —The Winslow City Council met June 11.

A man from the Medicine Room, a medical marijuana business, spoke about how they are addressing to alleviate difficulties with odors from the facility. The spokesman said the business is installing equipment worth about $60,000 to help with the odor.

The mayor and council members commented on current events regarding the animal shelter, the dog park becoming a reality, an event cleaning up the city, a letter written to senators and representatives asking they work to keep at least two-man crews on trains to keep the city safe.

Officials announced that Winslow will host a meeting of mayors July 18.

There were verbal reports by City Manager John Barkley on current city activities. Barkley said that the jail district initiative is needed by the city and there will be another meeting on that at the Police Department July 30. Barley said that the open house at city hall was well attended and a success.

The quarterly report from Northland Pioneer College was given by two women who spoke about programs and funding.

The quarterly fire report was given by Fire Chief James Hernandez.

The council went into executive session regarding a donation of real property at 102 Papago Boulevard, seeking the attorney’s advice. No action was expected immediately.

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