"Community information: Climate elders tell stories of change
Mayor Coral Evans, rancher Jim Babbitt, Navajo artist Shonto Begay and river rafter Donnie Dove tell their stories

You are invited to listen to climate elders telling their stories of change from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. April 13 at the Murdoch Community Center, 203 E Brannen Ave., in Flagstaff.

There will be opportunity to ask questions and join a discussion of these changes. This story-telling discussion is sponsored by the Northern Arizona Climate Change Alliance (NAZCCA), a grassroots citizens group dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of climate change. This event is free and open to the public.

If you have lived in Flagstaff for a long time, you have probably seen how climate has changed, but if you are new to Flagstaff then you might assume things have always been this way.

How have things changed, and how are people grappling with these changes?

The Northern Arizona Climate Change Alliance (NAZCCA) will host a presentation by Dr. Stefan Sommer and climate elders of Flagstaff and northern Arizona.

The science on climate change is clear, but how are these changes affecting people’s lives?

Come and hear the stories of Mayor Coral Evans, who has lived in Flagstaff all her life, rancher Jim Babbitt, whose family has been ranching in this region for three generations, Navajo artist Shonto Begay, whose roots run deep in northern Arizona, and river runner Donnie Dove, who has made a living connecting people with river experiences in our region.

Rising temperatures, along with new snow and rainfall patterns, have affected people in Flagstaff and northern Arizona in many ways. Come and hear the stories.

Elders can give us a deeper perspective on change. Each of us has formed a baseline of how things are in Flagstaff based on how things were when we first got here. Sometimes it is hard to see how things have changed, especially if you have only lived in a place for a decade or less.

Enrich your perspective on climate change by listening to the stories of climate elders, who have deeper experiences to share.

Learn how climate change has affected the ranching community and the presence of springs in the forest, how it is changing river rafting and outdoor adventure business, how lakes have dried up and fishing is harder, how climate change has affected housing needs, how gardening in Flagstaff is different, how new climate has brought changes to snow on the mountain and grass in the valleys, how higher temperatures are adding stress to people’s lives and many other stories.

More information is available by contacting NAZCCA community organizer Liane Giunta at liane.nazcca@gmail.com or Dr. Stefan Sommer at Stefan.Sommer@nau.edu.

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