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Thu, Dec. 02

Letter: Navajo Voters Coalition works for the people

To the editor:

The Navajo Nation Primary election is Aug. 28 and the general election is Nov. 6. Let us see if we can do it right this time, without interference from our beloved government and/or the chief justice. We, the Navajo people, must take charge of the Nation and vote for change. There is no other recourse other than to not allow what happened in the 2014 election to occur again. The Navajo Nation president, council delegates, and in general, the Navajo government seem to practice a form of voter’s suppression and infringe on the people’s right to vote. Democracy is supposed to be at the heart of what our government is and stands for. And yet, 52,000 voters were purged from the voter registration system. Is this democracy? Some of us don’t think so. Nevertheless, we need to re-register our citizens so that the purged voters can vote in the upcoming election.

In 2014, many concerned people organized the Navajo Voters Coalition for the people and by the people. The Coalition works for the human, civil and voting rights of our citizens. It was instrumental in improvising solutions to get through the 2014 election fiasco and it achieved the passage of the language referendum in 2015.

The Coalition is ready to meet some common tasks with the Navajo Board of Election Supervisors (NBOES), as both entities have the similar goals and objectives. Both can work as partners. The irony is NBOES is underfunded and underappreciated by many. This is disrespect to the election supervisors and the Navajo voters who cast their ballots. Yet, we the Navajo citizens, vote these election supervisors into office.

The Voters Coalition has and will adhere to the principles of accountability, transparency and integrity in the checks and balances that should exist in an honest and beneficial government. Our three-branch temporary government, its officials at the central and local levels, school board members and others have a difficult time with these principles. We encourage the citizens to participate in electing leaders of their choice and to voice their concerns at chapter and other meetings. The Navajo Voters Coalition has an agenda and is seeking new members to help move things forward toward a better government and society. Join the nonprofit organization and learn and participate in our government.

Vote Smart.

Ernie Yazzie, Board Member

Navajo Voters Coalition

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