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Fri, Feb. 21

Gas prices on the rise in Tuba City and Moenkopi

(Rosanda Suetopka Thayer/NHO)

(Rosanda Suetopka Thayer/NHO)

TUBA CITY, Ariz. — In the past week, gas prices in Tuba City, Arizona have jumped from $2.97 to $3.03 to now at a high of $ 3.09 at Hopi TUUVI Travel station at the corner of Highway 264, entrance to Hopiland and at the gateway to Navajoland’s famed Monument Valley.

Tourists standing at the Giant Shell gas pumps May 25, with prices of $3.07 per gallon at that station, said they can’t believe how much more gas costs in northern Arizona compared to metro Phoenix.

The prices in the metro area are almost a match for both the Hopi Reservation and Navajo agencies located in northern Arizona.

The only alternative to the high gas prices is travel by horse and wagon, or an old fashioned Hopi donkey.

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