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Tue, Nov. 12

Why do you want to be Navajo Nation president?
The Navajo-Hopi Observer asked all 18 presidential candidates why they wanted to be Navajo Nation president. Trudie Jackson's answer is featured this week.

Trudie Jackson,

Teec Nos Pos, Arizona

In life we are granted many opportunities, in which, we are often faced with challenges and barriers.

One main reason, I chose to enter the Navajo Nation Presidential Election is hearing the same rhetoric every four years, in which, candidates make promises to the people of Navajo Nation.

It is unfortunate, but in reality is just lip service to gain votes which has turned into a popularity contest. With that said, I hope to change the political narrative by bringing in a new voice, face, leadership, and most importantly is someone who is educated.

My intention is for the people to judge me on my leadership skills, which I have gained throughout the years as an urban Navajo. I refuse to continue to stand on the sideline and allow the ongoing corruption, embezzlement, unethical doings, and step in to challenge career tribal politicians that their time is up and over. In order for the Navajo Nation and the voters to see a new vision with great future aspirations, it's time to give the government back to the voters and not to the Navajo Nation Tribal Council or the President. While the rest of the world is adapting to changes such as electing women leaders and 2SLGBTQ people to prominent positions, it is time for the Navajo Nation to assimilate/acculturate with the political climate, which is why I am running for Navajo Nation President.

If you would like any information, please visit my campaign page at

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