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Thu, Dec. 02

Letter to the editor: Retaining hope while world is in turmoil

To the editor:

This comment just suddenly came to me and inspired me to comment on the ‘New Year’ of 2018.

I am a little late in wishing everyone a ‘Happy New Year!’ We are into the New Year three months already and, to me, the future looks very gloomy. The administration of our government is questionable and if our government will resolve all this turmoil that is happening from day to day. With this disruption, we will soon be fighting each other. These uncontrollable shooting will have to cease some time.

Following is only conclusion and opinion that the turmoil is happening because the people in the world are beginning to disobey the laws given to us, for peace, by our Creator and God. I think the main culprit is the uncontrolled use and abuse of drugs and alcohol and, in desperation for money, this leads to killing, robbery and shootings.

I am a Hopi Reservation Native and I believe in Hopi prophecy that we was given to us by our elders. Hopi practices secular laws of our creator and prophecy states, if this obedience does occur and people in the world disobey the Gods, there will be a retaliation and it will show a sign of destruction by means of ‘tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes, wild forest fires and famine’ will come upon us. With this turmoil and disruption, Hopi elders believe there will be another world war. Some of these sign are happening already, today.

I just hope and pray that peace will soon come and encourage people in this world to ‘wake up’ and start resolving these serious problems. Goodness will come upon us.

To add that, we, in Hopi, elected a chairman and vice chairman recently. I am hoping there will be come kind of improvements. There is only one problem, Hopi has very limited resources and money. All improvements take money.

We have healthcare that is barely surviving. I think there are only two doctors left. Forget the ER. Service there is poor. Our Hopi newspaper and radio are also barely operating. Again, I hope that all the problems will be resolved.

Wishing you all a bountiful and happy future, thanks.

Ernest Nahnacassia, Hotevilla, Arizona

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