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Thu, Aug. 05

Christmas tree lighting program thankful for community support

It is that time of the year already. Western Navajo Fair done and gone. Thanksgiving Holiday around the corner and of course, Christmas! This year, the torch for the community Christmas tree lighting event has been passed on to Tuba City Bashas’ Shopping Center and Navajo Shopping Center. With the change of location, Tuba City Bashas’ and Navajo Shopping Center have proudly accepted to host this year’s event. They have selected Dec. 1 at 6 p.m. to light the community Christmas Tree. As we are going forward, we would like to set this year’s theme around the words Unite and/or Unity.

First and foremost, we would like to say a huge thank you for being part of the Christmas tree lighting event these past several years. It has been a blessing and wonderful experience to be part of this community event planning. But keep in mind we are individuals who volunteered our time and effort to do this for our community.

We are part of this community as first responders, veterans, business owners, vendors, community members and many other volunteers to name a few. We are a team that would like to see this event happen for our community both young and old. Last year was a year to remember, with an overwhelming attendance and a colossal size tree that stood tall for our community at 56 feet.

As we all know, we hear so often many disturbing news coverage. Let us, as a community, separate ourselves and remember our theme — unite. This idea alone gives the team the dedication and motivation to make this event a success. As for the youth, we invited the return of Ronald McDonald and the Polar Bear (Coke mascot) to entertain the community youth with photographs and a simple meet and greet session. We have the support of the Kentucky Fried Chicken, Tuba City NTUA, Dine’ Youth, Bashas’, Navajo Shopping Center, Inc., Navajo Nation Hospitality Enterprise, Hogan Restaurant, Coke Corporation, Flagstaff GMC/Buick, Wells Fargo and many, many more.

This year, our special guests from the North Pole will be there: Mr. & Mrs. Claus. As you can see, the list goes on and on with so many more wanting to help. Despite the overwhelming load of planning and coordinating of this event, we are assured that the spirit of Christmas will be in the air. Nearby communities are also wanting to assist where needed. People in this community are looking forward to this event. As a team, we are determined to make this year’s Christmas tree lighting a success. Most importantly, keep in mind that we are doing this for you! So mark your calendar and join us at Bashas’ parking lot, for the 2017 Christmas Tree Lighting. We will have a cup of hot chocolate waiting for you. With that in mind, pass the word along to your family, friends, coworkers, etc.

As always, have a blessed day.

Arnold Maryboy, Community Member, USMC Veteran Law Enforcement and volunteer

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