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Thu, Dec. 02

Letter to the editor: Moenkopi Day School recall delayed

To the editor:

Parents, relatives and residents of Moenkopi Day School (MDS) and Concerned Citizens of Moenkopi Day School (CCMDS) have initiated and completed a recall effort of the current four members on the MDS Governing Board. The gathering of signatures did cease and our efforts were turned into the Election Commissioner on Aug. 23 — two months have passed.

The recall initiative is to protect the students and staff from policy manipulations that adversely impact ed the education at MDS. Now classes are taught by non-certified staff.

The recall is delayed by a legal review of the law firm of MDS. This legal review has taken more than one month. The lawyer’s legal opinion was to be issued Oct. 13, 2017. Since Oct. 13, (there has been) no written opinion yet. As we all wait for the lawyer, our impression is that this is not a priority. All this appears as an intentional delay to keep the Governing Board in office. Our Election Commissioner has not written a letter to CCMDS.

As CCMDS, we have brought serious situations to our community of the plight of students and staff of MDS. An investigation has been completed in favor of CCMDS and changes have been made with leadership at MDS. We have no lawyer but have the determination to correct the wrongs that have been imposed on students and staff.

We have been able to have the Hopi Tribal Council intervene to protect the students and now hope to correct the wrongs imposed on current and previous staff of MDS.

CCMDS through a recall Initiative that MDS Governing Board: A total of 143 signatures were collected. The last election did have 121 votes cast in December. Policy states that 50 percent of this number is 61. We have more than enough signatures for this recall.

The community has spoken and has cast their wishes the recall be honored. The delaying tactics of the school lawyer and the lack of action by the Election Commission have stalled the recall. This is not the wish of those that signed the petitions in favor of the recall. Collectively we are correcting a wrong imposed on employees and are advocates for our children and staff.

Alden R. Seweyestewa, Concerned Citizens of Moenkopi Day School

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