Letter to the editor: Navajo Transit needs consistent service

To the editor:

This letter is about the Navajo Transit Bus System. Route 1 travels from Tuba City to Window Rock on a Monday through Thursday schedule. I have been riding this bus system to get to work at the Hopi Health Care Center since November of 2011.

Navajo Transit bus has had its regular drivers and substitute drivers, but has been a fairly constant source of reliable transportation until the regular bus driver quit Nov. 3, 2016. In December 2016, the transit went on a two week shutdown for Route 1 — other routes throughout the Navajo reservation continued operating during this time.

In January of 2017, the Navajo Transit once again shut down Route 1 the week of Jan. 17-19 and Jan. 23. The next time they shut down was during the week of Feb. 13, 2017. I was once again waiting for the bus at 5:45-6:30 a.m. in which time no bus showed up. I checked the internet site for Navajo Transit system and there was no notice about a shutdown. I just checked again at 1:10 p.m. and found that Route 1 will once again be shut down for the remainder of the week.

There have been two regular substitute bus drivers and in spite of that we still are having these shut downs of Route 1. Route 1 is the longest and first route that Navajo Transit served. It is a main artery from the western side to the eastern side of the reservation.

I think that the general public needs to be aware of the lack of consistent service that Navajo Transit system is providing to those of us who reside on the western side of the reservation. I have called, sent in emails to the Navajo Transit system with a lack of reply or remedy to this.

Phyllis J Winans, Tuba City, Arizona

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