National Honor Society students tutoring local elementary students

Tuba City High 2016-17 National Honor Society Senior member Tia Folgheraiter, tutors Tuba City Primary student, Riley Ignacio, who is in fifth grade, during the weekly NHS community service reading tutor-lab session at Tuba City Primary School library. Rosanda Suetopka/NHO

Tuba City High 2016-17 National Honor Society Senior member Tia Folgheraiter, tutors Tuba City Primary student, Riley Ignacio, who is in fifth grade, during the weekly NHS community service reading tutor-lab session at Tuba City Primary School library. Rosanda Suetopka/NHO

TUBA CITY, Ariz. — Tuba City High School National Honor Society (NHS) students in 11th and 12th grade are contributing to the community this semester by tutoring Tuba City Primary students in reading.

The NHS students, under the direction of club sponsor Effie Hyden, contribute three afternoons out of each week at the Tuba City Primary School library, working with the primary students to enhance and boost their reading skills. The library is across town from the high school.

The NHS students work with computers, tablets and hardback books to help younger students learn to understand and absorb more from their reading materials, whether it’s assigned school reading or reading just for pleasure.

This reading tutoring lab also builds student relationships among the older and younger students, mentoring skills and helps build students’ self-esteem. The lab provides a weekly activity enhancing community support for stronger academic training for the younger students. The tutoring commitment from the high school students to their tribal community help the younger students excel at reading by working with them on a personal level.

The Tuba City High School NHS club has students who are recognized not just for academic achievement but also for sports excellence, art and musical talent, and these same students are also committed to local community service.

This year’s club membership has many students involved and registered with the National Honor Society During fall semester, the NHS students made care packages for students from the school who are homeless. In each care package was a towel, hand towel, washcloth, tooth brush and toothpaste, comb-brush, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, soap and one other item, such as a book, pencils, notepad and calculators.

“This care package project went especially well and students who received these were really appreciative,” Hyden said. “When they came out of the school front office, they were all really smiling.”

National Honor Society is a nationally recognized high school organized in the United States that was originally established in 1921 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals with the following four areas of high school student excellence: scholarship, leadership, service and character.

Hyden is especially pleased with the large number of NHS students 11th and 12th grade who are already starting on their joint community service and self-motivated individual service projects.

This year’s junior and seniors will complete 40 hours of community service and 12 plus hours of tutoring the primary school students.

Dr. Justin Roberson, principal of Tuba City Primary School said he would like to thank the high school staff, Hyden and Tuba City High School Principal Mary Begaye, who are supportive of the primary and high school’s partnership.

“The impact of these relationships during tutoring are life-long,” Roberson said. “The impression on our school and students builds confidence and self-esteem. For the NHS students to take the time daily and weekly to volunteer says a lot about their individual character and their family values.”

Hyden said the NHS students this year wanted to do tutoring as a free service during the fall semester and also work with elementary students.

“The NHS membership is required to tutor two sessions each week as their goal,” she said. “It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that NHS can have an impact on their lives through service.”

She said the students are selected not just for academics, but also leadership, community service and character and the students make individual sacrifices to maintain the high level of standards required by the National Honor Society.

“NHS helps bring awareness to them about the desire to do well in its classes, to be a leader, even if its unpleasant or difficult, helping those who are in need and to take the moral high road regardless of the situation,” Hyden said. “The NHS students make the decisions on what type of community service they would like to engage in, but as their sponsor, I do make some suggestions. I am extremely proud and honored to be the sponsor for Tuba City High NHS.”

Tuba City High School National Honor Society seniors:

Ulani Bedonie, Aliceson Begaye, Kristina Blackhair, Tia Folgheraiter, Charles Henderson, Sophia Honahni, Jared Keams, Shayla Naswood, Danisha Nez, Glenice Pesodas, James Roe III, Lottie Saufkie, Gabriel Talahytewa, Kandice Tanner, Tyshon Tracey, Aaron Troglia, Paige Tsosie, Alexis Watchman, Brandon Whiterock, Anthony Wirtz, Rhiannon Worker, Bianca Yazzie, Summer Yazzie and Shanice Yowytewa.

Tuba City High School National Honor Society juniors:

Jordin Babbitt, Zachary Bauer, Justiss Begody, Shyrone Benally, Marison Bilagody, Turnerlyne Blackhair, Autumn Byjoe, Summer Daw, Ty Figueroa, Charlette Flatrock, Maximillian Goldtooth, Marticia Hardy, Chelsea Nez, Shalyn Nockideneh, Gabriel Paddock, Alaina Puhuyaoma, Hero Roberts, DeShawn Tallsalt, Kenyon Tanner, Dynnika Tso, Suzette Vasquez, Kalista White.

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