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Sun, Nov. 28

Tuba City High School exceeds most Arizona high schools in math

Photo/Rosanda Suetopka

Photo/Rosanda Suetopka

TUBA CITY, Ariz. — Tuba City High School students exceeded expectations, scoring 50 percent higher than the state passing rate for the latest Arizona State mathematics testing under the nurturing guidance of two math teachers from the high school.

True to its mission of providing a high quality education, the high school has a consistent, yearly record of academic and sports success stories. Now the high school can add the math department to that success story.

Students leave Tuba City High with highly proficient math skills that will enhance their academic resumes’, making them more college and career ready, thanks to their dedicated teachers.

Two math teachers at Tuba City High are providing leadership and skilled mentoring for their students and shared their excitement with colleagues and administrators on their students recent math success.

Samson Aquino and Imelda Torres-San Jose are both Tuba City High School math teachers who have been in the Tuba City community for some time. They both feel that it is imperative to invest in their students and give them the best possible classroom learning environment to be ready to face outside university level educational competition.

Aquino said his algebra class is now 75 percent, with 21 percent ranked as highly proficient, while the state passing average is only 33 percent. Forty-eight students from Aquino’s class took the test, while 4,800 students across the state took the test.

“This is the first time that Tuba City High School has tested that high and we are now at one of the best ratings,” Aquino said. “I give full credit for the amazing state math scores to my talented students, because I am only the instrument, but they are the ones who took the test.”

Torres-San Jose, a math teacher at Tuba City High School, said Tuba City is committed to providing a high quality education and, if given the opportunity, the students will really excel. She said that she is extremely proud of her students who took the AZ Merit end of coursework test and the geometry test. She said she had 22 students in her honors geometry class who took the test with a 82 percent passing rate.

“That means that 18 out of 22 students scored proficient or highly proficient on a test given by the state of Arizona,” she said. “These students are dedicated and their work is highly commendable. They have proving once again that excellent students will shine and reach their full potential when they are given the opportunity and support they need.”

The state passing rate is only 18 percent for geometry.

“It truly takes a whole village to educate a child,” Torres-San Jose said. “We have had full support of our teaching colleagues at Tuba City High School and also from our administration and governing board.”

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