Letter to the editor: Nation should change Navajo Election Code and needs leaders who will give true progress into 21st century

To the editor:

In the past two years, my involvement with the Navajo Voters Coalition has allowed me to observe the very limited progress from our Navajo Nation government. I have learned that some rules, regulations, and laws, since the adoption of the three-branch government, are in dire need of repealing and updating. We have been told that while many changes in the laws have been made, no one has taken the time or initiative to incorporate them into the Navajo Nation Code books. While a few may argue that the files are up to date in the computer files, the public access to these files are next to impossible. A prime example is the recent language referendum vote, changing the language in the election code clarifying the fluency for Presidential candidates. I recently went to the Navajo Nation website to check on this updated requirement and qualification for Presidential candidates. The old and obsolete requirement is still there. I was told if I wanted to read the most updated requirement, I should read all the addendums to find what I was looking for. This is not a very efficient use of modern technology, and most importantly demoralizing to potential candidates. With modern technology, we should have the most current, up to date information at our fingertips, whether the changes were made daily or not. The last updates to the Election Code were made in 2009. This tends to lead one to think that everyone is happy and contented with things being status quo and stalemated in our government. With everyone in Window Rock having multiple staff assistants, some should be assigned the task of updating the Navajo Nation Code books.

I for one, would like to see change with progress, change as an action, not just another campaign word and false promise. I truly believe some of our elected leaders and division directors, have become too complacent and too comfortable in their chairs to truly care about the people that elected or hired them. Some have succumbed to financial greed and personal ego trips. Very few do still listen to, and work for the people. I truly believe replacement of some elected officials and directors is necessary. It is a stark reality that some executive departments are wasteful, inefficient and ineffective. It is time to put the career politicians out to pasture and bring in a new breed of leaders. We need leaders who will give us true progress into the 21st century, instead of just more frail lip service.

In the next few months, we will start hearing from potential candidates who will make many promises and share dreams. We need to start asking challenging questions on their visions and how they will attain them. I also believe a change in the Navajo Election Code is necessary, where only a limited number of candidates will run for the office of the President. The qualifier could be getting a designated number of voter signatures to accompany the application. We do not need 17 candidates.

Anthony Allison, Fruitland, New Mexico

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