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Sun, July 12

Morenci wins Doc Wright Wrestling Tourney, Winslow places 10th out of 37 schools

Wrestlers compete in the Doc Wright Wrestling Tournament Jan. 15-16 in Winslow. Photo/Winslow High School

Wrestlers compete in the Doc Wright Wrestling Tournament Jan. 15-16 in Winslow. Photo/Winslow High School

WINSLOW, Ariz. - Morenci, a small Arizona school, won the Winslow Doc Wright Wrestling Tournament Jan. 15 and 16. A total of 37 schools competed in the tournament, including a number from out of state. Morenci had 210.5 points with Basha, a much larger school, earning 166 points for second place.

Show Low was third with 154.5 points followed by Piedra Vista with 153.5. The balance of the team scoring was Chino Valley 152, Peoria 151, Camp Verde 140, Prescott 124, Snowflake 123, Amphitheater and Winslow tied for tenth at 122. Aztec was twelfth at 109.5 followed by Coconino 101, Mesa 94.5, Page 93, St. Johns 91, McClintock 80.5, Mogollon 71, Holbrook 66.5, Kingman 66, Whitehorse 65 Flagstaff 60, Round Valley 56, Valley Vista 53, Mountain Point 45, Mingus 42, Lee Williams 40, Blue Ridge, Dove Creek and Hopi tied at 36, Tempe 35, Monument Valley 33.5, Maryvale 31.5, Bradshaw Mountain 27.5, San Juan 25.5, Joseph City 22 and Tuba City 17.

Placing in the 106 pound weight class were Kaiden Smith of St. Johns first, Josiah Griego of Aztec second, Hunter Bateman of Show Low third, Derek Waitrip of Morenci fourth, Kamron Whitewater of Page fifth and Diego Sanchez Morales of Piedra Vista sixth.

Placing in the 113 pound weight class were Dante Garcia of Page  first,  Isaac Cabrera of Coconino second, Dory Cota of Morenci third, Dylan Workman of Round Valley fourth, Alex J. Rodriguez of Basha fifth and Tanner Marsh of Show Low sixth.

Placing in the 120 pound weight class were Alex Dunham of Campo Verde  first,  Elias Gonzales of Tempe second, Dylan Greenhaus of Piedra Vista third, Christoffer Vega of Peoria fourth, Ryan Roper of Basha fifth and Mark Roybal of Morenci sixth.

Placing in the 126 pound weight class were Kendall Foster of Chino Valley  first,  Nic Verville of Lee Williams second, Tanner Wright of Peoria third, Gator Groves of McClintock  fourth, Quincy Foster of Winslow fifth and Nicolas Carrasco of Morenci sixth.

Placing in the 132 pound weight class were Marco Groves of McClintock  first,  Yarhoki Aldiva of Amphitheater second, Wyatt Nez of Flagstaff third, Case Baughman of Dove Creek  fourth, Taylor Atencio of Piedra Vista fifth and Mason Fagottii of Show Low sixth.

Placing in the 138 pound weight class were Wes Rayburn of Piedra Vista first, Nico Braswell of Basha second, Dawson Avila of ST. Johns third, Jackson Allen of Show Low fourth, Dalton Davis of Flagstaff fifth and Kyle Sarrett of Morenci sixth.

Placing in the 145 pound weight class were Cole Mortensen of Snowflake  first,  Billy Flore of Campo Verde second, Austin Littlefield of Aztec third, Ivan Tomitz of Prescott  fourth, Nic Dalcerro of Chino Valley fifth and Mason Wester of Kingman sixth.

Placing in the 152 pound weight class were Darren Gonzales of Morenci first, Patrick Schmitz of Basha second, Adam Henderson of Blue Ridge third, Levi McClelland of Holbrook fourth, Saul Payan Diaz of Amphitheater fifth and Wacey Wood of Snowflake sixth.

Placing in the 160 pound weight class were James Williams of Mesa first, Gary Medevielle of Chino Valley second, Noah Bello of McClintock third, Brock Slade of Mogollon fourth, Rafael Paredes of Amphitheater fifth and Jedde Bowman of Holbrook sixth.

Placing in the 170 pound weight class were Spencer Coffin of Chino Valley first,  Frankie Gonzales of Morenci second, Carlos Sagliarei of Campo Verde third, Preston Greenwood of Winslow  fourth, James Uhlenkof of Basha  fifth and James Webb of Show Low sixth.

Placing in the 182 pound weight class were Christian White of Morenci first,  Uriah Dobell of Coconino second, Jonathan Dwyer of Prescott third, David Lemcke of Chino Valley  fourth, Trevor Nipper of Basha  fifth and Dallin Tenny of Show Low sixth.

Placing in the 195 pound weight class were Kyle Rodriguez of Amphitheater first, Cody Rivera of Morenci second, Willie Wyatt of Show Low third, Alberto Marquez of Piedra Vista fourth, Ahli Foster of Winslow fifth and Chance Willis of Basha sixth.

Placing in the 220 pound weight class were Daniel Hernandez of Prescott first, Frankie Leal of Peoria second, Frankie Salinas of Mesa third, J.R. Fox of Snowflake fourth, Brandon Naegle of St. Johns fifth and Quentin Begody of Winslow sixth.

Placing in the 285 pound weight class were Baylend Stephens of Mogollon first, Hunter Chapman of Mesa second, Justin Moore of Valley Vista third, Cutter Cloudt of Peoria fourth, Leon LeGrange of Snowflake fifth and Jordan Arvizo of Morenci sixth.

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