Letter to the editor: It's all about you... 'if it is to be, it is up to me...'

To the editor:

Education is a noble profession - what other profession is given the penultimate responsibility to mold and sculpture the human brain, helping young minds grow - indeed, a daunting yet exhilarating task. If you as adults can make exceptional work possible, why shouldn't our younger generation attain similar brilliance in their own right?

The answer to this question is in our hands, ours and ours alone. You have to date demonstrated that our school children and students given a school environment for success can experience exceptional academic and personal growth. You have created that vibrant and engaging teaching and learning environment here as evidenced by our previous state AIMS assessment package. You have created a remarkable engine of opportunity despite the immensely debilitating rhetoric that educating underserved school children and students to the highest level is beyond our reach. You defied proliferation of cherished research literature that school children and youth from stinging zip code demographics cannot achieve to high levels academically and here you have redefined demographics predetermining destiny. You have made long-imagined dreams a reality for many and established unambiguous evidence of educational success.

There is something noble, honorable, humbling, no matter the circumstances, about reaching out to our youth and instilling confidence, resiliency, courage, a determination to succeed, to inspire our youth, particularly our persistent or permanent talent underclass, to heights they never dreamed possible. The awakening of that passion is truly a gift bestowed upon a few. You have established evidence that you are the few upon whom that ability and talent has been bestowed.

Let's continue to be that gifted teacher, that gifted educator, that special person that is making a difference in the lives of our youth just as one who made a difference in your own life. It is this sense of drive that we are after, to now transform and engage our personal vision, our passion toward inspiring our youth to greater heights than anyone thought possible.

That you have made this possible over the past three years is a powerful testament to our public spirit, our public mission, yet a most profound personal vision that no one can take from you where you have charted promising new path for the future of our children and youth. With our previous academic profiles where you came so close to becoming an "A" or "B" rated district, how can anyone argue that we are not capable of having our school children and students attain brilliance in their own right?

You have made it clear that we don't have to condone the deleterious complacent academic profiles so ignominiously and glaringly telling where the consequences are precarious, profound and enduring for our school children and youth down the road when they become adults.

Yes, we can leverage the promise of education so that our protégés can look forward to a bright future and be rightfully prepared for a fruitful life; we can make a difference now. Indeed, we can once again make the indelible mark of exceptional school success and high achievement a reality with AzMERIT as we have with our AIMS assessment package.

Welcome back to another great school year! Axeehee'

Dr. Harold Begay,

Superintendent, Tuba City Unified School District

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