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Thu, June 24

Indigenous and Tribal Nation-Building program launches at Northern Arizona University

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - The mission of the Graduate Certificate Program in Indigenous and Tribal Nation-Building, Leadership and Administration is to prepare students to engage as professionals with and for federally-recognized American Indian tribal nations and Indigenous nations in areas critical to successful nation-building: law and policy, economic development and financial management, Indigenous leadership, and tribal public administration.

The online certificate program will provide needed education and training for those who are or plan to become professionals working in Native communities, fulfilling various roles-planners, environmental managers, directors of economic development, chief executive officers of tribal or Indigenous enterprises, budget and finance administrators, and those working directly with elected officials.

The online graduate certificate program will be administered and supported through the Department of Applied Indigenous Studies, which follows a curriculum to community approach, contributing directly to Native nation-building in various Native communities. Participating faculty include professors Manley Begay, Karen Jarratt-Snider, Octaviana Trujillo, Michael Lerma, and Ray Austin.

Current tribal leaders, including Hopi Tribal Chairman Herman Honanie, have expressed their support for the program.

"Learning how to lead for many of us comes from both learning and experience. Too often some acquire the skill of leadership a bit too late. Through leadership training, one learns how to shape the future as opposed to accepting the status quo," Honanie said.

More information is available from Chad Hamill, chair of Applied Indigenous Studies, at (928) 523-3849 or or at

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