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Tue, Aug. 11

Hopi High School media students prepare for Native American journalism workshop

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - Tierra Lomabalaquihoya and Jere Antone, both media students at Hopi High School, are looking forward to attending the Andy Harvey Native American Broadcast Journalism Workshop June 14-20 at Northern Arizona University.

Lomabalaquihoya said she is looking forward to the summer broadcast workshop because she will have something better to do than staying at home bored and getting into trouble.

"I will also have the opportunity to learn new skills. I am ecstatic about being accepted into the Andy Harvey Native American Broadcast Journalism Workshop," she said.

Lomabalaquihoya said this workshop will give her many opportunities to learn new skills and meet new people.

"I can't wait to be able to take these skills that will be given to me in the workshop and put it toward my video news class next year," she said.

Lomabalaquihoya said she was proud of pushing herself this past year at school more than any other year.

"Being in journalism and news video class has helped me a lot. It has given me countless opportunities. I wouldn't have heard about this summer program if I wasn't in the media classes and if I didn't go on a media trip to NAU during the last school year," she said. "So far, in this journalism class, I have done many tasks to make myself and my family proud. Thanks to everyone who has helped to motivate me to do better."

Antone was also looking forward to attending the broadcast camp after taking media classes this school year.

"The best part of the school year was going into broadcasting and journalism because I had fun. It gave me an opportunity to meet new people and gave me an opportunity to go to broadcast camp during the summer," she said.

Antone said the broadcast camp is going to be fun and it's going to give her something new to learn.

"I am looking forward to learning new skills that have to do with broadcasting. This school year, I was in the video news broadcasting class and learned a lot while I was in this class," she said.

Antone said the broadcasting class at Hopi High taught her how to have an on-screen presence and how to act when she's on camera and performing interviews.

"I am hoping this broadcasting camp shows me more about how to act, talk and what not to do when I am doing an interview or on the camera with someone or talking about a news story," she said.

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