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Thu, Aug. 05

Twin Arrows celebrates two years of operation

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - In celebration of its second anniversary, the AAA Four Diamond Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort will unveil a new buffet, spa and trucker lounge during the next few months with an eye toward improving services for the public.

Derrick Watchman, CEO of the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise (Navajo Gaming), said the spa area will be built with treatment rooms, massages and pampering services for guests. In addition, Twin Arrows is redoing the buffet concept.

"There will be expanded seating, new menu, a pizza oven, plus action stations for feature nights like lobster and prime rib," Watchman said. "Finally, we are creating a new trucker lounge. It will provide a great place to relax with computers, coffee and showers. Admission will be based on the trucker's level of play at the casino, but will help us better serve truckers which make up 50 percent of freeway traffic."

At a recent celebration at Twin Arrows, former Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly said that Navajo gaming was the only tribal enterprise that was established with the vote of the Navajo people.

"The 2004 referendum laid the groundwork for our Navajo casinos and it is vital we continue to grow this business," Shelly said. "From the Navajo Beef initiative to plans for a proposed shopping center, Navajo gaming will continue to use innovation and entertainment to attract customers. Support our Navajo casinos."

Twin Arrows' location, on the tip of the Navajo Nation near Flagstaff, has facilitated complimentary hospitality and business development - such as The Navajo Shopping Centers recent Glittering Mountain project announcement - increased tourism opportunities, improved the region's infrastructure and provided much needed jobs in northern Arizona and on the reservation.

Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye said recently that Twin Arrows is an example of great collaboration between Navajo enterprises and tribal programs.

"The Begaye-Nez administration will ensure this effort continues and expands to other Navajo locations so that economic development, jobs, and revenue are created for the Navajo people," Begaye said.

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