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Sun, Feb. 23

Letter: Tuba City School District staff deserves recognition

On behalf of the Governing Board of Tuba City Unified School District #15, our parents, grandparents, and the communities that we serve, I extend a warm welcome to you as we enter another year in the Tuba City Unified School District educational system.

All of our schools have made great strides with our academic profiles. For the first time ever, six out of our seven school sites have attained a C rating from the Arizona Department of Education with one school having missed a B rating by one point and another school site needing four more points to attain a B rating.

While academic achievement scores are but only one critical dimension to the noble mission of public education, our staff has dispelled a cherished assumption that students and school children from the most challenging circumstances are unable to undertake rigorous academic work and experience success.

It is deeply gratifying to witness firsthand the extent to which each of our staff sacrifice daily to insure the success of our most important investment - our school children and students.

To prepare one of the most disadvantaged student populations internationally as globally fluent learners enabled to attain success in a multicultural global community is not a chance event.

Student transformation to a higher plane ultimately reflects the collective beliefs, commitment, dedication, and achievement of the staff of the Tuba City district - congratulations.

An educated mind is an open mind, the freedom to think, to make choices, and with that comes a profound responsibility to do what is right coming from our hearts and mind.

Our staff has chosen to defy the odds and is charting new directions with our historically underserved schools in the internationalization of education. This feat is deserving of a supreme commendation.

I am truly humbled and honored to be amidst a community of an accomplished staff of tremendous talent and intellect. Keep up your outstanding work.

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