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Thu, Feb. 27

Slice of life: Gates Scholar Vincenzio Sells

Winslow High School 2014 Gates Scholar Vincenzio Sells. Todd Roth/NHO

Winslow High School 2014 Gates Scholar Vincenzio Sells. Todd Roth/NHO

WINSLOW, Ariz. - Vincenzio Sells is one of three Gates Scholarship recipients from Winslow High School in 2014. The Navajo-Hopi Observer talked with him about his life and plans.

How long ago did you apply for the Gates Scholarship?

I began in December of 2013 with my first essay submission to them.

Did you have to have a live interview?

No, once you get past the first round you have to send in information on your financial need so they can determine if you are eligible for the scholarship.

Is this scholarship only for Native Americans?

No, I think it's for all minorities. My background is Navajo and Italian.

There is another Gates Scholar here at Winslow High school, isn't there?

Yes there are two more, Henry Montillo and Gerard Cook. So we have three from WHS this year. There are about 1,000 given out in the whole country.

And what does the Gates Scholarship pay?

They pay everything you cannot cover. Essentially they pay everything.

Where are you going to go to college?

ASU for my first year then hopefully transfer to an Ivy League school back East.

What are you interested in studying during college?

Engineering, along the lines of aerospace or nuclear.

How long have you lived in Winslow?

About 10 years. Before that I lived in Ganado and Gallup.

Do you have brothers and sisters?

I have four older brothers.

What high school sports have you participated in?

Basketball and baseball.

Have you always been interested in being successful in school?

I really started to pick up the pace when I got in high school.

Who has the Italian in your background?

My mom is the Italian and my dad is Navajo. At home we have more predominately Italian food.

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