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Fri, June 05

Letters to the editor: Developers don't respect the holy and sacred

To the editor:

As a voting member, I attended the Gap Bodaway planning meeting last month and asked that our next regular meeting be a discussion about the Escalade Project - a fact-finding information sharing session and have those responsible for the project come to the meeting and report out to the people.

Surprise, surprise. Shamefully, no show by anyone promoting the project were in attendance after being invited by the president. I took the opportunity to pose questions of the Gap officials and they conceded that they are in the dark and none has come to inform them. Nobody knew the answers to the many unanswered questions. There is no transparency or accountability to the people by our government officials... what are they thinking?

I recall Raymond Maxx being very upset that we were invited by the R & D committee sit on an advisory sub-committee for the Navajo Nation Energy Policy Act. He went on to say that we did not need to be at the table offering any recommendations or commentaries regarding the energy policy. Maxx said that was his role and responsibility and he speaks for the people.

Our leaders are so misguided to believe they govern - it is the other way around. We must protect the future of our homelands as our human right and duty. According to the current leadership, our land, resources and our cultural heritage and knowledge is for sale. Well to me, the price is too high. And how do you measure the price tag on a life and way of life? Simply said, they're supporting the predatory culture that supports the termination of our way of life.

The developers' ways are not our ways. They don't have respect for the holy and the sacred. If we don't stand up as one voice against the exploiters' efforts we will continue to lose what our ancestors died to protect.

Don Yellowman

Forgotten People President

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