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Sun, Oct. 17

Donations keep coming to Tuba City Humane Society

Caris Begaye and her new rescue puppy Corky. Submitted photo

Caris Begaye and her new rescue puppy Corky. Submitted photo

TUBA CITY, Ariz. - In December, Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah donated 6,647 pounds of Blue Buffalo dog food to the Tuba City Humane Society. Best Friends also sent a truck with four pallets of Purina dog food and five pallets of Nutri-Cal supplement. The donations are worth around $163,000.

Sylvia Moore, president of the Tuba City Humane Society, said Blue Buffalo started donating the dog food through Best Friends to the Tuba City Humane Society in 2012 and they donated again in August of 2013. She believes it is her follow-up with the recipients of the donated food that keeps the donations coming.

"I'm having all the chapter houses and all the rescue shelters send me letters and then I make a DVD of all the pictures and explanation and I send that to Best Friends and from there they send that to Blue Buffalo," Moore said. "I guess Blue Buffalo was impressed because they sent us that donation for Christmas."

The humane society distributed the food to 15 animal rescue shelters and foster homes, six Hopi villages and five more Navajo chapter houses.

"We were busy all through Christmas but isn't that what it is all about, helping others?" Moore said.

She stays in touch with all of the chapter houses in her area, all reservation rescue shelters, even down to St. Johns, and figures how much food the humane society is receiving and how much everyone needs. It is not a small project to unload the trucks, and Moore said many volunteers help with the distribution of the food.

"Thanks again to Blue Buffalo, Best Friends, Swift trucking, the Begaye family, Dr. Holgate and her family, and my husband, Willie, who is basically my partner running the humane society," Moore said.

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