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Wed, May 27

Letter to the editor: New leaders must reestablish Ho'zho' with one another and all creation

To the editor:

Hozho'ji' carries the harmony for good things and Ja'chox'i' ji' carries the not good things, both cannot live without the other, bringing balance to them is a healing for all. Dine' leadership selection is in the hands of Diyin Dine'e and our way of life. It is not based on vote, or on other people's ideas, traditions or cultures, outside the four sacred mountains.

Our leaders must respect, consider and acknowledge the consequences that their actions will have on the sacredness and future of all life. The innocent ones and our spiritual relations must have our utmost consideration, because they are often forgotten or overlooked by human beings who have become spiritually disconnected from the creation.

For decades we have been warning our leaders, if our Dine' way of life is lost then we will become lost. Time and time again this warning has not been taken seriously. Destructive decisions have consequences that threaten our way of life and the sacred elements that are necessary for our survival. Our current and past leadership has not done enough to prevent further damage to the Earth or stopped the destruction of our way of life.

We now see the impacts of those shortsighted decisions affecting our lives. The health and condition of the Earth is being reflected in our own health and the health of our children. We've seen the toxicity associated with mining, desecration of our sacred place, the commodification and destruction of our sacred waters and more. All this has occurred because our decision-making process has become disconnected from our original way of life. If we hope to survive, we must reconnect with the fundamental instructions and principles the Holy Ones provided our people at the beginning.

Therefore, we are sending out a prayer and call for new leadership. When our leadership is once again based in our original sacred way of life the people can be assured of our long term survival as Dine'.

In order to secure our future and protect our way of life we are offering the following minimum standards for leadership within the Dine' Nation. At the same time, we issue a call to leaders who possess these attributes, we ask that you come forward and lead the people away from the brink of destruction that we are facing and take us back to the place where our future is secure.

We now seek and will support a Dine' leader who will work to protect our Nation with and within the four sacred cardinal sacred mountains and all that resides with and within our innate homeland and beyond. We seek a leader who understands the ways of newcomers, but remains Dine', and is committed to the Dine' way of life. We seek a leader who will not participate in any criminal activity, either under the modern law or the Holy Ones' established law.

We seek a leader who will renew the path of our ancestors, to reestablish Ho'zho' with one another and all creation. We understand that it took time for us to stray this far away from our sacred original instructions and way of life, and that it will take time for us to return to these. But we recognize that the time has come for a leader to come forward and begin the restoration of our way of life as the Holy Ones provided instruction for at the beginning of creation. The leader we seek is one who will restore balance and harmony with all elements of creation. And, they will give the Elders and Medicine People their rightful place within our decision-making process, so that our decisions are grounded in our spiritual foundation.

Nookooka Dine' strongly urge that the Original Council, as instructed by the Holy Ones in conjunction with the oral teachings, come forth at this time. It is essential that we return to the Original Council of the Holy Ones, so that our children will have a future as Dine'.

Leland Grass

Nohooka' Dine'

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