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Mon, Nov. 18

Letter to the Editor: Start practicing compassion and forgiveness

To the editor:

Through our intuition, our inner knowing to the depths of our beings, we know that the conditions here on Mother Earth are desperately critical. We are all in pain. Wars, crimes, including murders and rapes, people so angrily disagreeing with each other, climate crises, environmental crises including pollution of the air, soil, water, and our food, the misuse and overuse of the natural resources of Mother Earth, the abuse and hatred of others for their genders, religious beliefs, political beliefs, nationalities, and races are rampant.

Seeing and experiencing the outcomes of fear, judgment, domination, greed, and belief that we are separate from our Creator, from each other, and from other forms of sacred life here on Mother Earth, such as Mother Earth herself, the forests and wildlife, the air, soil, water, all livings beings is extremely painful.

Our hearts are so heavy with such grief and sadness as we view what humans have created here on our sacred world of Mother Earth. We wonder how this could have happened? Is this what we humans intended to create? How do we wake up, change, and "fix everything?"

It is time to remember who we are and why we are here on Mother Earth. It is time to totally open our hearts in compassion for all living beings. We must be honest and compassionate with the situation in which we find ourselves. We can change ourselves and the world in which we live by working together with Creator in compassion for ourselves, with each other, and with all of the other sacred, living beings of Mother Earth.

We need to learn to learn to love ourselves as human beings and remember that we are created in unconditional love and divine light by the Creator in the image of the Creator. We are totally worthy of all the blessings that we continually receive from the Creator. We are NOT sinful, unworthy, or unloved human beings. Our job is to remember to unconditionally love the Creator above all else and to unconditionally love ourselves, each other, all of creation so we can truly live and be free in harmony and balance. When we ask for assistance though prayer and meditation, the Creator continually guides and teaches us. We all have direct connections to the Creator. We are, each one of us, a spark of the Creator-- spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. We, including all beings of creation, are sacred and one with the Creator. When we realize that we, individually and collectively, are sacred and one with the Creator, we are no longer sacred. We know that we are not alone. We are connected! When we are no longer scared, we are no longer controlled by fear, which often occurs now.

As human beings, our mission from the Creator is to assist the Creator in creating heaven on this beautiful, living sacred Mother Earth, not to just exist here and make a mess while looking forward to being in heaven after we leave here. Our mission is here and now. Heaven on Mother Earth is ready to be created here. Each and every one of our thoughts, words, actions, our individual and collective intentions matter. We can visualize and intend creating heaven on earth. We must work together in teamwork with the Creator to create a world of unconditional love and divine light here on Mother Earth where all of life is honored, loved and protected. The Creator cannot do this for us. We have free will. The Creator can only do this through us by our conscious and willing participation. We must do it together--in loving community here and Mother Earth.

We need to stop criticizing and judging ourselves and each other and to practice compassion and forgiveness. Beliefs in judgment, greed, and domination need to be left in the past. Separation is an illusion. This is very difficult for many of us as it is almost contrary to how we actually are encouraged to think and behave in many societies here on Mother Earth. It is like there is a double standard involved here. For example: As we are here to be our brothers' keeper and to work for the benefit of all in loving community or are we here to use, abuse, exploit and compete against each other? Are we here as caretakers of sacred, loving Mother Earth and all of the living beings here or as dominators, controllers, contaminators and unbridled users and abusers of Mother Earth?

We can choose to live each and every sacred moment here on Mother Earth peacefully together in total wonder, beauty, joy and care with love of ourselves, each other, in community, including with sacred nature -- with all of life in praise and thanksgiving to the Creator for every blessing. We can now consciously and lovingly create with the Creator and with all of us working together, Heaven on this beautiful, living sacred Mother Earth.

Carol Ann Kinlicheenie

Cortez, Colo.

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